style: bike on.

30 July 2013
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I'll be really honest. I'm missing my bike. And, that's a big statement from a person who hadn't ridden in years and years (and years!) just six months ago. But, there's something oddly addictive about city neighborhood cycling. And, maybe even more addictive is when you have a cute little giggling two year old companion sitting with you on the bike. But, with my two oldest on summer break from school, and my middle child not really a proficient rider yet, there is little opportunity to get on the wheels and go. So, in the meantime, I've been living up summer holiday to the fullest possible experience and stashing my bicycling dreams in the back corner of my brain. Although I'm not ready for summer to be a memory (not even slightly... I've got a ton of summering left that I must do!), I do have my eyes on a few dreamy bicycle goodies.

1. A picnic blanket that attaches to your bike. This would be fantastic for those early Autumn days in Seattle. I could bicycle over to the water, spread the blanket out on the grassy viewpoint and share some hot cocoa with my two year old. Which brings me to....

2. Isn't this the most beautiful hot cocoa holder you can imagine? From Beg Bicycles (so is the picnic blanket above!), I love the vintage feel of this flask. It's really quite gorgeous. And, would complement this next accessory that puts a modern spin on a vintage looking favorite....

3. I am still looking for the perfect bell and I think I may have found it. This striped bell has the look of the electra one I've been considering for my townie, but the stripes and ringing mechanism on this one are different than the ones I've seen so far. (And, dare I say, it might be absolutely perfect...)

4. And, into every bike owner's life a great lock must come. I'm so thrilled to have found a solution of where to put the lock while you're riding around though. I've been throwing mine in my basket, but every little bump sends it rattling and rolling around. (Am I the only one annoyed by this?!). So, this chic U-lock holster is a pretty dang cool answer to my problem (and I feel a bit comforted to know that others must have been annoyed by their rattling locks as well!).

5. I can't help it, I've been in love with the leather Electra handlebar tassels since the first day I discovered they existed. Bicycle Tassel + White Leather = Pretty Amazing Fabulous.

6. So, one day you wake up and it hits you. Bam! You feel like your bike needs a few polka dots. When that day strikes you, now you can pull out a box of Paint Job Stickers and polka dot your bike to your heart's content. Super cute (and super removable for the day that you wake up and decide you aren't quite in a polka dot mood any longer!).
7. Which brings me to the grand finale of this post. The one item that I think is BEYOND cool and amazing and I kind of want one so badly it hurts. I was at a summer festival recently and one of these rode by! The Wee Hoo Trailer Bike held an adorable little girl with beautiful curly hair blowing in the summer breeze. From that picturesque moment on, I have been dreaming of my little guy strapping into one of these as he gets too big for the Topeak seat he's now riding in. Yup, this thing is fantastically functional and pretty darn cute too.

from white out to lilac.

20 July 2013

When I was in fifth grade, white out and glue nails were all the rage. In fifth grade, we took little bottles of white out and painted our digits to achieve a completely matte finish. It lasted for a day and signaled to others that, clearly, you were a trendsetter. Glue nails haven't (yet!) seen a comeback, but, surprisingly, white-out-esque nails have come mainstream.

So, when I flipped through a magazine a couple of months ago and saw opaque white nails, I couldn't help myself. I smiled thinking of the white out, grabbed a bottle of white varnish and painted my nails. That experiment lasted about three hours-- with me constantly looking at my hands (because, honestly speaking, they just looked weird tipped in that bright, thick white polish) and the polish chipping almost as fast as the white out used to.

So, I went on a search for ways to achieve the pale, opaque nail look-- but in a not so weird and not so quick to chip way. And, to save you from a day of looking at your hands oddly, I thought I'd pass along my discoveries. Now we can bring the magic of fifth grade white out into a more sophisticated light. Come along and let's all rock the pale nail look together...
  • Discovery: You don't actually want the chalky finish, white out look. Matte nails ONLY look good on a hand model, photographed in a glossy magazine. (And, then, the glossy page finish actually makes the matte polish look good.) Remember that gloss is good-- paint your nails white and then apply a high shine top coat.
  • Discovery: For a clean edged white nail manicure, sweep a layer of nail polish remover over your nails and cuticles. Immediately, follow with a coat of polish in a sheer white (similar to what you might use for a french manicure base). Allow the 'base coat' to dry and then apply your chosen opaque white polish in one coat. Finish with a high gloss top coat.
  • Discovery: Maybe opaque white isn't really a good look. And, as you can guess from the picture above, I have adapted the white out nail a bit and added just a drop of color. I'm liking opaque lilac quite a lot right now (painted in the same way described in the point above). The stark white was just too bright on my hands and, frankly, annoyed me a bit throughout my day. The addition of a touch of purple calms it down and highlights a summer tan in a way that feels modern, fresh and fun. The same can be said of a adding a drop of pale pink or sky blue to a white polish.
Have fun with your mid-summer manicure! Here are a few shades to get you started:

Opaque 'white' polishes

What to pack: fourth of July at home.

03 July 2013
In yesterday's edition of what to pack, I suggested a few ideas of what to pack if you're headed to the local fireworks display at the park. Today, as promised!, here is a quick run down of things to have on hand if your celebrations happen closer to home.

What to pack to stay at home

If your party happens at home, take advantage of the opportunity to be comfortable, play in the water and throw some tasty bites on the barbeque. A few suggestions:

  • Layer yourself up so you can take full advantage of your day. Start with a cute striped swimsuit (I like this one from J.Crew). And, throw on a cute (and comfortable) pair of rolled waist, wide legged, linen pants and some striped flip flops.
  • And, if you're going to spend some time grilling, why not dress it up a bit? Don't we all need a "Le Chef de Barbeque" toque?
  • While you're waiting for the grill to finish up, why not pass around a big bowl of GORP?!
  • My kids have been running through the Banzai water sprinkler all week long. It's like a water park in your own yard with little streams of water shooting in all different directions. And, it's fun for adults and kids alike who want a mist (or a soak!) on a hot July 4th. 
  • Don't forget to add a few packages of sparklers to cap off your evening.

What to pack: fourth of july fireworks.

02 July 2013
Your fourth of July plans are set, the menu (whether it be a bbq, picnic or more formal affair) is in order and you're just left to pack up a few items to take along to the celebrations. For this edition of what to pack, here are a few ideas for toting to the fireworks display at the park. (Check back tomorrow morning for ideas if your celebrations have you hanging closer to home!)

What to pack to the fireworks display at the park

If you're headed to a fireworks display at the park:

  • Throw in a sweater to ward off the chill when the sun goes down. (I love this lightweight one from Zara.) 
  • I love this Southwestern Mexican blanket, striped on one side and featuring a traditional starburst design on the other. Perfect for a stylish, comfortable spot to sit on that grassy hillside at the park.
  • How about bringing some patriotic entertainment for your party? Stash a dozen or so mini beach balls in your bag. Pass them out, blow them up and pass a bit of the time you'll spend waiting for the display to begin. 
  • In my last post, I featured my s'more mini cakes. I still think they're the perfect surprise to pack into a rustic pastry box and pass around your picnic blanket as the fireworks pop overhead!
  • And, once the celebrations are over, you may need a flashlight to trek yourself out of the now dark park! This flashlight features red and white stripes (and is pretty darn adorable!).

weekend market morning.

16 June 2013
Weekend Market Morning

Weekend Market Morning by anewbohemia

It's Sunday morning and I'm throwing on the above and planning a trip to the local farmer's market. Hope your Sunday is starting out brilliantly. And, before I go:

ka-pow for a rainy spring day

28 May 2013
ka-pow for autumn

Here, in Seattle, we're teetering on the end of spring and the beginning of summer. The kid's spray fountain parks opened this last weekend, but (as usual) the Memorial Day Weekend was marked in the Pacific Northwest with scattered showers and relatively cool temperatures. So, rather than breaking out the summer wear, I'm taking advantage of the last weeks of coolness and loving my light weight ka-pow sweater by Markus Lupfer. Combined with a casual denim skirt and some gray accessories, I'm ready to head for the coffee shop and log some writing hours.

What's in my spring bag?

21 March 2013
What's in my spring bag?

What's in my spring bag? by anewbohemia

This season, I'm carrying one of my fave handbags-- a Mulberry bag that I purchased in Bangkok. Here's a sneak peek of what's inside this season:
  • An umbrella to fight off Seattle's back and forth mist. Hopefully more sun breaks will be in the near future.
  • My ipod loaded up with a few favorite kid shows (Word Girl is a current favorite of my six year old!).
  • A gift from my mom, Aveda pure fume in a custom blend featuring patchouli and a few floral notes.
  • Organic veggie and flower seeds. I'm looking forward to a garden that will overflow in a few months!
  • Bangles. An armful of bangles jangling around makes me happy.
  • A cashmere blend beanie hat in soft gray. Perfect for loosely pulling over my hair on a misty, cool morning.
  • Boxes of Sunmaid raisins. Currently a favorite snack that takes a bit of time to eat and is equally loved by myself and all three kids. 
What's in your spring bag?!

pom pom necklaces.

12 December 2012
Aren't these cute?! I've been wearing multiple pom pom necklaces at a time and have been loving them. Tim Gunn would ask me if I'm trying to be ironic. I'd respond, "Well, of course! It's a salute to the neo crafting movement currently underway in the States!" And, he'd respond "Of course it is. This is fabulous. Fabulous! Carry on." And, you know what?! They make a pretty adorable last minute Christmas gift for almost everyone on your list! Here's how you make them....

And, voila! Tie it to a chain necklace, wrap it up and put it under the tree!

Project linked on Homework: today's assignment, be inspired.


27 November 2012
I have spent the last two years avoiding earrings that fall below my earlobe. Yes, they have been reserved for special 'no kids allowed' evenings. Or, when I'm feeling particularly reckless, they've been placed on my ears only to be batted at by my youngest child and quickly removed by me fearing the sound of one tearing right out of my ear and into his tiny hands. But, with the recent celebration of 'the baby's' second birthday, I might have a fighting chance at donning my beloved dangles once again. I'll let you know how it goes. For now, help me decide which of the four above I should wear first!


24 November 2012

Best news ever-- it's hat season! And, from now until many months from now, I'll be topping off with a whole rotating variety of chapeaus. Here are a few of my favorites as the chilly season is upon us:

Spiral, from top left:

1. Pearlescent Bead Beanie (peachy pink and studded with pearls),
2. Striped Pom Pom Beanie (navy and white striped),
3. Islay Spiral Beret (red with cream plaid),
4. Coal Taylor Beanie Hat (grey, turban style),
5. Leopard Print Pom Pom Beanie (that pom pom is cute, no?!),
6. Cooperative Menswear Newsboy (brown and cream),
7. Rosette Knitted Beanie (turquoise with rose embellishment),
8. Rib Boyfriend Beanie (burgundy, extra slouchy),
9. Fuzzy Leopard Beret (trendy pattern in a classic shape),

what's in my (autumn) bag?

09 October 2012
what's in my (autumn) bag?

Here's what I'm toting around this autumn:

1. The bag: the one pictured above is a close replica of the one I'm carrying around this Fall. Mine was purchased just outside of Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, Thailand from a man making small leather bags. It's a cross body, dark purple, leather bag in the shape shown above.

2. The sunglasses: I'm still loving my oval framed Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses. The frame fits close to the face and they work in overcast skies and bright sunlight.

3. The nail polish: I love, love, love the look of a shiny metallic nail right now. It seems clean, fresh, modern and looks great on short nails like mine.

4. The lipgloss: I know the current trend for autumn lips this year is deep oxblood. But, the sun is still bright in the sky and the temps are still warm in Tbilisi. And, oxblood and bright sunlight just don't seem to be a happy match in my mind. So, I've shelved the darker colors and am still wearing one of my light colored favorite glosses-- MAC Prowear Lipglass in the color Patience, Please. (Plus, isn't that just the best color name ever?!).

5. The magazine: I subscribed to taproot on day one. From the moment I heard what the producers were trying to accomplish, I became a charter subscriber. Taproot is a quarterly magazine celebrating local living through writing, photography, and the arts, both fine and domestic. I'm loving my second issue right now.

6. The music: My ipod seems to be stuck on the album Michigan Left by Arkells, a Canadian band I had the privilege of seeing (and dancing to!) live over the summer holiday.

7. The hand lotion: I love little tubes of hand lotion. Right now, I'm loving one with pure avocado oil infused into it.

8. The flowers: Ok, technically these aren't really jammed into my autumn bag. But, Tbilisi is abloom with autumnal flowers being sold by street vendors. The colors of choice right now seem to be purples, pinks and oranges.

9. The bracelets: You know I have an eight year old daughter. I'm bound to find a handful of these jelly bands jammed into my bag on any given day! (And, I love slipping one onto my wrist too...)

And, check out what was in my bag last winter, spring and summer...

barefoot sandals.

23 June 2012

Today the sun is shining and the heat is radiating off the pavement. And, all I want to do is run through our back garden with flowers in my hair, splash with the kids in the water, sip a nice long tall ice tea and wear sparkly barefoot sandals. So, kick off your shoes, sit in the grass and make yourself a pair of barefoot sandals too. Come three o'clock as you're sipping your ice tea and your feet sparkle in the sunlight, you'll smile.


  •  three pieces of jute, twine, leather or yarn
  • embellishments (raid your craft kit for beads, flowers and assorted bobbles)
  • a bell (a must!)
How to:
  • Place the jute/twine/leather/yarn around your big toe and pull it to a length that will climb the front of your foot and wrap once around your ankle. (Your toe will be resting on the middle point of the string.) Give a bit of extra length and cut. 
  • Still with your toe on the middle point of the string, tie a loop so that when removed, your big toe goes through the loop (you're creating a toe ring). Knot it.
  • Now, with your toe in the ring, begin braiding.
  • As you braid, work your embellishments into the braid. Braid in a flower, string on a bead, etc.*
  • Continue braiding (and working in your embellishments-- don't forget the bell!) until you've reached the end of your cut string.
  • Then, wrap the sandal up the front of your foot, around your ankle and tie loosely.
  • Run through the grass, drink an ice tea and watch your bare feet sparkle in the sunlight.
*Alternatively, you can sew your embellishments on after you've braided the whole length.

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