a new bohemia is.

A gallery of moments lived. People adored, things created, places explored. Hours and minutes one craves to repeat.

i am. 
A new bohemia was founded by Shelby Benny Reynolds. Mama to three lovely little bohemian spirits. A rememberer of every good moment. An American currently repatriating to Seattle by way of Tbilisi, Bangkok, Paris, San Francisco and one long, cold winter in Philadelphia.

i love. 
Where I am. Exploring the world. Late nights sipping deep, dark, smoky red wine. Early mornings drinking strong, black coffee. Music. Sunglasses worn for more hours of the day than there is sunlight for. Baking (dark chocolate chip walnut) cookies with my kids. People who are passionate about who they are, what they like and where they are going. That you came to visit a new bohemia.

Very nice to meet you. I welcome the opportunity to work with other bloggers, shops, brands and online sites. Please keep the conversation going by contacting me here.