What to pack: fourth of july fireworks.

02 July 2013
Your fourth of July plans are set, the menu (whether it be a bbq, picnic or more formal affair) is in order and you're just left to pack up a few items to take along to the celebrations. For this edition of what to pack, here are a few ideas for toting to the fireworks display at the park. (Check back tomorrow morning for ideas if your celebrations have you hanging closer to home!)

What to pack to the fireworks display at the park

If you're headed to a fireworks display at the park:

  • Throw in a sweater to ward off the chill when the sun goes down. (I love this lightweight one from Zara.) 
  • I love this Southwestern Mexican blanket, striped on one side and featuring a traditional starburst design on the other. Perfect for a stylish, comfortable spot to sit on that grassy hillside at the park.
  • How about bringing some patriotic entertainment for your party? Stash a dozen or so mini beach balls in your bag. Pass them out, blow them up and pass a bit of the time you'll spend waiting for the display to begin. 
  • In my last post, I featured my s'more mini cakes. I still think they're the perfect surprise to pack into a rustic pastry box and pass around your picnic blanket as the fireworks pop overhead!
  • And, once the celebrations are over, you may need a flashlight to trek yourself out of the now dark park! This flashlight features red and white stripes (and is pretty darn adorable!).

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Nan said...

Making your smore cakes right now for my party! Khap khun kha Shelby. :-)

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