What to pack: fourth of July at home.

03 July 2013
In yesterday's edition of what to pack, I suggested a few ideas of what to pack if you're headed to the local fireworks display at the park. Today, as promised!, here is a quick run down of things to have on hand if your celebrations happen closer to home.

What to pack to stay at home

If your party happens at home, take advantage of the opportunity to be comfortable, play in the water and throw some tasty bites on the barbeque. A few suggestions:

  • Layer yourself up so you can take full advantage of your day. Start with a cute striped swimsuit (I like this one from J.Crew). And, throw on a cute (and comfortable) pair of rolled waist, wide legged, linen pants and some striped flip flops.
  • And, if you're going to spend some time grilling, why not dress it up a bit? Don't we all need a "Le Chef de Barbeque" toque?
  • While you're waiting for the grill to finish up, why not pass around a big bowl of GORP?!
  • My kids have been running through the Banzai water sprinkler all week long. It's like a water park in your own yard with little streams of water shooting in all different directions. And, it's fun for adults and kids alike who want a mist (or a soak!) on a hot July 4th. 
  • Don't forget to add a few packages of sparklers to cap off your evening.

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