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30 July 2013
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I'll be really honest. I'm missing my bike. And, that's a big statement from a person who hadn't ridden in years and years (and years!) just six months ago. But, there's something oddly addictive about city neighborhood cycling. And, maybe even more addictive is when you have a cute little giggling two year old companion sitting with you on the bike. But, with my two oldest on summer break from school, and my middle child not really a proficient rider yet, there is little opportunity to get on the wheels and go. So, in the meantime, I've been living up summer holiday to the fullest possible experience and stashing my bicycling dreams in the back corner of my brain. Although I'm not ready for summer to be a memory (not even slightly... I've got a ton of summering left that I must do!), I do have my eyes on a few dreamy bicycle goodies.

1. A picnic blanket that attaches to your bike. This would be fantastic for those early Autumn days in Seattle. I could bicycle over to the water, spread the blanket out on the grassy viewpoint and share some hot cocoa with my two year old. Which brings me to....

2. Isn't this the most beautiful hot cocoa holder you can imagine? From Beg Bicycles (so is the picnic blanket above!), I love the vintage feel of this flask. It's really quite gorgeous. And, would complement this next accessory that puts a modern spin on a vintage looking favorite....

3. I am still looking for the perfect bell and I think I may have found it. This striped bell has the look of the electra one I've been considering for my townie, but the stripes and ringing mechanism on this one are different than the ones I've seen so far. (And, dare I say, it might be absolutely perfect...)

4. And, into every bike owner's life a great lock must come. I'm so thrilled to have found a solution of where to put the lock while you're riding around though. I've been throwing mine in my basket, but every little bump sends it rattling and rolling around. (Am I the only one annoyed by this?!). So, this chic U-lock holster is a pretty dang cool answer to my problem (and I feel a bit comforted to know that others must have been annoyed by their rattling locks as well!).

5. I can't help it, I've been in love with the leather Electra handlebar tassels since the first day I discovered they existed. Bicycle Tassel + White Leather = Pretty Amazing Fabulous.

6. So, one day you wake up and it hits you. Bam! You feel like your bike needs a few polka dots. When that day strikes you, now you can pull out a box of Paint Job Stickers and polka dot your bike to your heart's content. Super cute (and super removable for the day that you wake up and decide you aren't quite in a polka dot mood any longer!).
7. Which brings me to the grand finale of this post. The one item that I think is BEYOND cool and amazing and I kind of want one so badly it hurts. I was at a summer festival recently and one of these rode by! The Wee Hoo Trailer Bike held an adorable little girl with beautiful curly hair blowing in the summer breeze. From that picturesque moment on, I have been dreaming of my little guy strapping into one of these as he gets too big for the Topeak seat he's now riding in. Yup, this thing is fantastically functional and pretty darn cute too.

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Joey said...

You make me want to try biking! Who knew you could be stylish riding a bike? :=)

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