from white out to lilac.

20 July 2013

When I was in fifth grade, white out and glue nails were all the rage. In fifth grade, we took little bottles of white out and painted our digits to achieve a completely matte finish. It lasted for a day and signaled to others that, clearly, you were a trendsetter. Glue nails haven't (yet!) seen a comeback, but, surprisingly, white-out-esque nails have come mainstream.

So, when I flipped through a magazine a couple of months ago and saw opaque white nails, I couldn't help myself. I smiled thinking of the white out, grabbed a bottle of white varnish and painted my nails. That experiment lasted about three hours-- with me constantly looking at my hands (because, honestly speaking, they just looked weird tipped in that bright, thick white polish) and the polish chipping almost as fast as the white out used to.

So, I went on a search for ways to achieve the pale, opaque nail look-- but in a not so weird and not so quick to chip way. And, to save you from a day of looking at your hands oddly, I thought I'd pass along my discoveries. Now we can bring the magic of fifth grade white out into a more sophisticated light. Come along and let's all rock the pale nail look together...
  • Discovery: You don't actually want the chalky finish, white out look. Matte nails ONLY look good on a hand model, photographed in a glossy magazine. (And, then, the glossy page finish actually makes the matte polish look good.) Remember that gloss is good-- paint your nails white and then apply a high shine top coat.
  • Discovery: For a clean edged white nail manicure, sweep a layer of nail polish remover over your nails and cuticles. Immediately, follow with a coat of polish in a sheer white (similar to what you might use for a french manicure base). Allow the 'base coat' to dry and then apply your chosen opaque white polish in one coat. Finish with a high gloss top coat.
  • Discovery: Maybe opaque white isn't really a good look. And, as you can guess from the picture above, I have adapted the white out nail a bit and added just a drop of color. I'm liking opaque lilac quite a lot right now (painted in the same way described in the point above). The stark white was just too bright on my hands and, frankly, annoyed me a bit throughout my day. The addition of a touch of purple calms it down and highlights a summer tan in a way that feels modern, fresh and fun. The same can be said of a adding a drop of pale pink or sky blue to a white polish.
Have fun with your mid-summer manicure! Here are a few shades to get you started:

Opaque 'white' polishes


Mysti said...

I am so happy that you remember painting your nails with white out! I did that too and forgot about it until now! Thx for the memory and a smile.

Julie said...

I've wanted to try Essie's marshmallow for a long time. I'll have to see how it turns out! I like your idea of using a lilac instead. I'm tired of the sheer colors and would like to try the whiter look!

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