diy watercolor pencils.

14 July 2013

As the temperature climbs outside, it's nice to have a few "two minute" projects in my back pocket that can serve as an escape from the summer heat either for myself or for my kids. On this particular day, the temperatures hit 92 degrees and all three kids were spending huge amounts of time in the sun. For a quick shade break (and sunscreen reapplication), I spread a quilt out on the grass and laid out a simple DIY project. They had a few minutes of fun and I ended up with a few needed pencils that now grace my studio desk.

Gather the following supplies and you'll be able to create some dreamy watercolor pencils of your own. All of the items can easily be gathered at your local art supply store. You'll need masking tape, watercolor pens and some unfinished wood pencils.

  1. use the masking tape to create lines, stripes, swirls or whatever pattern you'd like on each pencil.
  2. apply the watercolor markers to the untaped areas (the watercolors will bleed under your tape lines, but I think the ragged edges add to the dreamy, summery quality of the design. If you like a crisp line, you might want to use sharpie markers.
  3. allow the markers to dry for a few minutes and then remove the tape.
  4. sharpen and enjoy!

Project also happily posted on Skip to My Lou!


Sophie said...

I love this project! It's so simple and beautiful.

Chrissy said...

I agree with Sophie! This is beautiful and easy!

Trista said...

Yay for pretty little projects! I'm going to make these for my desk!

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