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25 June 2013
Photo source unknown.
I have fond memories of weekends spent at my grandparents' lakeside cabin. My sister, cousins and I would splash in the lake, lay in the sun and play in the RV parked on the property. "Huh?" you say.

While the cabin was perfectly kept with screen doors that clapped when one walked through them and the deck's American flag waved in the breeze overlooking the water, it was the unused RV parked way back on the property that the kids liked. We'd spend hours in there imagining that we were on the road, taking off on exotic gypsy adventures-- each play time to a new place.

There's something enchanting about a gypsy's space. The layers of color that seem to blend effortlessly. A worn, worldly, collected component that doesn't look like it was all purchased and placed perfectly. And, an attitude that says "I'm happy to go wherever the wind wants to blow me."

A few pieces of inspiration from the Caravan life: (I'd love a string of those tassels, featured in the first image below, to highlight a doorway in my own home. And, I'm seriously considering trying to replicate the roof of the second interior in a small hallway at home. I smiled when I saw the steering wheel, realizing this was the front 'seat' of the "RV." And, with that bright fuchsia against the washed out walls, in the third photo, I could move right in.

Photo source unknown.
Photo source unknown.

Photo source unknown.

And, I'd love to take my gypsy life longings from the Caravan and into my own home in any of the following ways using pattern upon pattern and saturated colors tamed with a few neutrals. (I love, love, love the carpet in the first image below! I'm not a huge fan of purple, but used in the right space and with the right light, it can be spectacular. I'm wondering if the walls in image two might do that magical-- and very gypsy-esque-- trick of turning shades as the sun shifts around the room. And, the lighting spheres and floor pillows in the bottom image are amazing.)

Photo source: Point deCroix Rouge.

Photo source unknown.

Photo source: Buddha Interiors.


Meeghan said...

I want it all! I love the colors, the tassels, the floor pillows, the carpet..... should I go on?

4-insure said...

It sure does not look like you're inside an RV. The interior is great and I love the circus colors.- Juliet from 4-insure.com blog

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