diy toy: nostalgic milk container catch.

20 June 2013
As a child, my sister and I used to spend hours on our large grassy lawn playing games like backgammon and volleyball. We'd set out the plastic pool on the grass, fill it daily and rotate it around the yard when the grass underneath had turned brown. We'd spread a big blanket out, lie in the sunshine and eat popsicles. On summer weekends, my dad would tend to the grass-- cutting it, pulling any pesky weeds that had found their way into the greenery and cursing, I'm sure, at the brown patches left behind by the kiddie pool.

So, as summer has found it's way to the Pacific Northwest, its only natural that my mind wanders to games to play on a grassy lawn. As you can tell by the picture above, the heat of summer isn't quite a steady routine yet. But, like all good Seattle-ites, my kids happily threw their rain boots on to play with a new toy.

I'm betting I'm not the only one who loved playing container catch as a kid. But, I'm also betting I'm not the only one who completely forgot that you can transform two milk containers into an easy game-- within minutes!

Here's how:
1. Gather a gallon milk or juice container for each player.
2. Working carefully (the edges can get sharp as you cut), cut the bottoms off of each container.
3. Grab a lightweight plastic ball, throw and use the containers to catch!

My kids played all afternoon and into the evening, only stopping for a dinner break. And, as we were having a backyard bbq at the time, the adults milling about joined in on the fun too. How great would these be for a big family picnic game?

I joined the party with this project at Skip to My Lou and Today's Creative Blog!


Denise said...

I used to play with these too! Thanks for the reminder. I'm going to buy an extra milk this week and make them for our Fourth of July party!

Anna said...

I love easy projects that result in hours of fun for my friends and family! Thanks for another great project idea.

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