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12 June 2013
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I just returned from what has become a regular activity with my youngest-- a bike ride through the neighborhood. He loves riding in his Topeak kid seat, smiling and throwing his arms up in the air at every downward slope. Today we went on a short ride, leaving our house and heading for the nearest water lookout. Once there, we took in the sites of Puget Sound on this bright blue sky day. Golden Gardens Park spread out beneath us, where my oldest child was on an end of the school year field trip. We waved in her direction and then pedaled on to a local park. After some sliding and chatting with the other people enjoying the playground, we headed home. 

Upon walking into the living room, I was confronted with a big blank wall. Frankly, this particular wall has been staring me down for about a month now, begging for some art work. So, inspired by the lightness that a good bike ride leaves one with, I've gone in search of a few ride inspired options.

My favorite color is turquoise (and surprise! my bike is turquoise as well) so I'm kind of digging the modern simplicity of the print above. It reminds me of the blue skies I just witnessed over the water. But, then I'm torn because, the print below speaks to my bohemian spirit and makes me think of the foods, musicians, artists and sites one sees while on a good ride.

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Then, we get to the obvious. I like fonts. Who doesn't?! And, I like my bike. And, this one combines a good bottle of wine, a baguette and a pastry package (that I'm fairly certain contains a few beautiful chocolate eclairs). How can you go wrong?
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But, then, ET pops up and the child of the 70s rears its head and says 'pick me! pick me!' I'm not sure my wall can resist the desire to hang this adorable fella on it. I worry though that I'd walk by it everyday and whisper 'phone home' in a way that would eventually creep me out.

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And, at some point, I'm fairly certain that a piece of bicycle taxidermy should adorn my walls. It just seems downright necessary. But, maybe not this big blank wall staring at me. Perhaps, above the kitchen door that leads to my back porch.  Or above the entry hall mirror. Or in the little vestibule of the hallway just off of the main living room. Hmmm. That would be kind of cool. I particularly like the cruiser bars pictured in the upper right below.

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Simone said...

I love the ET one! I might need to find a blank wall in my own house for it!

Margaret said...

Please no ET! (very creepy) My favorites are:1. Bohemian bike 2. Baguette bike 3. Turquoise bike(not enough happening in that drawing to interest me)

Ken Benny said...

I'd go for the first one. It is YOU!

Jessie said...

I vote the Bohemian Bike too! That screams you! Or maybe you're already on to a new piece of art for that blank wall!

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