What's in my spring bag?

21 March 2013
What's in my spring bag?

What's in my spring bag? by anewbohemia

This season, I'm carrying one of my fave handbags-- a Mulberry bag that I purchased in Bangkok. Here's a sneak peek of what's inside this season:
  • An umbrella to fight off Seattle's back and forth mist. Hopefully more sun breaks will be in the near future.
  • My ipod loaded up with a few favorite kid shows (Word Girl is a current favorite of my six year old!).
  • A gift from my mom, Aveda pure fume in a custom blend featuring patchouli and a few floral notes.
  • Organic veggie and flower seeds. I'm looking forward to a garden that will overflow in a few months!
  • Bangles. An armful of bangles jangling around makes me happy.
  • A cashmere blend beanie hat in soft gray. Perfect for loosely pulling over my hair on a misty, cool morning.
  • Boxes of Sunmaid raisins. Currently a favorite snack that takes a bit of time to eat and is equally loved by myself and all three kids. 
What's in your spring bag?!

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Amanda said...

I love Aveda's Pure-fume too!!!!

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