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14 January 2013
My youngest son loves to cut. He's been in this cutting stage for quite some time and I can't seem to get him to move on. So, I'm embracing it and enjoying that he's actually somewhat helpful in the kitchen! Quite a long time ago, I posted the above picture of another of my children using a knife to cut a tomato. Over the months, I've received several emails asking what kind of knife was featured in the picture. So, I thought I'd share and also post a few ideas for younger kids that are entering the same developmental stage (24 months and on).

The knife (pictured above) is actually sold as a lettuce knife. It's plastic and, although it has teeth, cuts through objects and isn't sharp enough to hurt should it come in contact with small fingers. Keep in mind that it is still a knife and should be used under supervision, but I've found it to be a useful teaching tool for kitchen safety (and fun).

The other item that has gotten great mileage in our house is the wooden cut able toy food widely available at good toy stores. My sister gave these as a present to my first child and, although the set is now missing several of it's veggies, my youngest loves chopping through the Velcro and cutting the food to pieces.

And, while these scissors are labeled for ages 'birth through 24 months'(!), my son is just starting with these. He sees them sitting on the desk and practically drools. That's how much he loves to cut up things right now. A stack of paper and blunt edge safety scissors are the ticket to a good time at this stage!

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Look at those cute little fingers! Fun post!

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