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17 February 2013

Per my last post, you now know that I am knee deep in boxes (and a bit lacking in my time posting blog entries!). But, what goes along with the work of unpacking and getting settled? The fun of picking out new paint colors and customizing my surroundings just a bit! While you may not be needing to balance a paint roller, three kids, wall to wall boxes and repatriation, it is still early in a new year and you might be thinking of a few fresh changes at home.

In browsing paint pallettes at 2 a.m. one recent morning, I came across some fun style quizzes for the the designer in me. I thought I'd share so you too can whittle your early morning hours away looking at swoon worthy interior pictures before beginning your next project. (And, if you're not up to the work of redoing your interiors, you can still take the quizzes. I won't tell!)

This quiz, from, was my favorite in terms of accurate results and being fun to take. They show you a picture of a room and you click on your thoughts from 'Love it' to 'Hate it' with 'Just Ok' being in the middle of the continum. I have no idea how they nailed my style when I clicked 'Just Ok' or 'Hate it' for most of the pictures(!), but they did. I ended up with the result of Rustic Revival and the description is pretty spot on.

This quiz from relies asks about seven simple questions, allowing you to click on the picture that best answers each question. According to the results, my interior style falls under the catergory 'antiquated espresso'. Take the quiz and let me know if you'll be sharing a shot or two with me!

The quiz from Home Goods offerred a completely different format. Click on five images that 'speak' to you... I turned out as 'The Traveller' (no surprise there!)

Unlike most of the other quizzes I found, this one from Sunset Magazine asks you to answer questions from multiple choice answers-- no picture clicking.

With this quiz, again, answer a series of questions by clicking on the picture that most accurately answers. The photos are tiny and the results are a bit generic. Only proceed if you haven't already gotten your fill with the aforementioned quizzes. Go to this link on HGTV's site, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the link that says 'what's your design style'.

You can thank me for indulging your 2 a.m. style cravings by letting me know what quiz was your favorite!


Tiffany said...

This is a great round up of interior quizzes! Thank you!

Trish said...

I was 'thrift chic' after the first quiz! Thank you for occupying my 2 a.m. hour ;-0 !

Anonymous said...

Cool! My results were global market. Thanks for the fun time wasters!

Sammi said...

Love this post!

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