virtually Christmas.

23 December 2012

I've got a few little fun holiday treats to share with you. Whether you're in the mood to waste a few late night minutes online or hand your laptop over to your children for some holiday fun, the following sites provide holiday entertainment. Visit the virtual Christmas tree and decorate this year's tree without dropping a single pine needle! Place the 'virtual' decorations on the 'virtual' tree and then switch on the 'virtual' lights.

Or, maybe you want to decorate a few gingerbread cookies. Sure, your home won't have that freshly baked cookie smell, but your little gingerbread guy will turn out adorably! This site allows you to ice and decorate a gingerbread cookie in just a few short minutes!

And, who can resist a snow globe? Not me. Shake this one up and watch the tiny little people bounce off of the winter wonderland!

Season's greetings and enjoy the virtual fun!

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