fizzy art. (aka keep the kids busy so you can wrap the gifts)

19 December 2012

How do we do it?! How do we keep the kids busy long enough to wrap their Christmas gifts and special goodies without them seeing?

Well, honestly, I stay up into the wee hours of the morning with ribbons and papers and notions spread across my living room floor. I pour a cup of coffee, top it off with some seasonal cinammon and nutmeg, put my footie jammies on and go to it. And, for the first few nights I love this present wrapping ritual. After a few evenings of lost sleep, I long to push the night time coffee aside and crawl under the down comforter at a more normal hour.

So, this year, I'm going to pass on endless vampire-esque nights and sneak in a bit of wrapping during daylight hours. How?! I'm going to keep the kids occupied with this hit of an activity. I'm not joking, the kids have so much fun doing this art project that they won't even notice what I'm up to just a few feet away.

On your kitchen table set up a few plates (the more the better!) that have about a half-inch thick layer of baking soda. Then, fill small cups with a few drops of food coloring and dilute it with water. Place a medicine dropper, eye dropper or small spoon in each cup. Tell the kids to place a bit (a little goes a long way!) of the colors onto the soda covered plate. They'll scream in delight as their artwork puffs up and fizzes into a final project. Thus, the need for multiple plates (and trust me, you'll want a good stock of baking soda on hand. It's simple math: More baking soda = more time to wrap presents without prying eyes).

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Cari said...

Cool idea! I'm going to give this a try even if my presents are all wrapped!

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