09 December 2012

Churchkela is referred to as the Georgian version of snickers. It's a boiled grape juice and flour 'candy' that is then used to coat a string of nuts (usually walnuts or hazelnuts). But, the coating itself (minus the string of nuts) equals the Georgian version of American jello. Except for one difference-- it's delicious and full of natural ingredients. Often presented as one piece, poured solidly in a thin layer on a regular dinner plate, the Churchkela coating is the simplest of prepared treats. A neighbor shared with me that it is a childhood favorite that, when eaten as an adult, takes a Georgian back to his or her village in their mind.

Bring 1 liter of grape juice (unfiltered and/or homemade preferred) to a boil in a heavy bottom sauce pan. Turn the heat down low and, working in tablespoon amounts, add one cup of flour to the grape juice, whisking constantly. DO NOT STOP STIRRING until the mixture becomes thick. Then, remove from the heat, taste and add a bit of sugar if necessary. Finally, pour the mixture onto a dinner plate and allow to cool completely. To serve, either serve the plate with spoons and allow people to share. Or, cut into small shapes and provide as little bites. The shapes will be firm on top, but softer and somewhat gelatinous on the lower half.

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Maria said...

I didn't like the churchkela when I first moved to Georgia. I thought it wasn't sweet enough. After three years of living here it's one of my favorite treats.

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