pushkin street. Tbilisi, Rep. of Georgia.

12 November 2012

The kids and I had a free hour (and we were in desperate need of a few Christmas present making supplies!) so we headed to Tbilisi's Pushkin Street. The gorgeous copper statues frolick in a small park's pond.

And, there's something about walking on these simple small cobblestone squares that feels good. You just naturally slow your step and look around a bit more than you may have otherwise done.

This little cafe was made for a perfect quick espresso shot and mini hot cocoa stop. We ordered inside at the smoky bar and the proprietor set up one of the cafe tables outside for us. Just a few sips each and we were finished and on our way.

The view of the local flower market made for some fun people watching as we finished up our hot beverages.

As we walked just a bit further, the sign for our destination popped up. Time to head downstairs and into the dark underpasses of Tbilsi.

As we began to draw closer to the dark tunnels (see that dark hole to the top right of the picture!), we passed the morning's empty vegetable delivery crates.

And, once inside the underpass tunnel, we discovered our wonderful world of little storefronts. My son likens the underpasses to feeling like a mole in a hole, but there's something magical about finding a whole operating community beneath street level.

We bought a few pumpkins from the vegetable stand, filled a couple bags with yarn and beads and other glittery items, picked up a bottle of nail polish and found a beautiful wooden spoon that we'll give as a Christmas gift topper to someone special on our list-- all underground!


Cherri said...

Thank you for the beautiful visit to your home!

Chris said...

Great post!

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