04 November 2012
I LOVE November. Like kiss it to pieces, jump up on a couch, pump my fist in the air and freak out LOVE November. So, in honor of a great love, I decided to make myself a brief, happy list of a few things I traditionally adore about the month ahead...

1. In my childhood climate, the weather really turns from early autumn into true autumn. Crispy mornings, an occassional drizzle and a fairly near constant cloud cover of gray dominate the month.

2. Fall fashion. Full stop.

3. The holiday season begins. I'll be making our gingerbread village or house or cabin (something made out of gingerbread!) before the end of the month.

4. My birthday (And full disclaimer, I don't just like November because it's my birthday month. Although I do have a working theory going on that people are more inclined to like the season in which they are born.)

5. Hot spiced cider topped with whipped cream and nutmeg.

6. Family. As gifts are purchased and plans are made for the season ahead, immediate and extended family is a regular, and fairly constant, fixture in my mind.

7. A giant mud puddle. Everywhere I've ever lived during the month of November provides for at least one morning of puddle jumping.

8. Jazz in the evening hours. There's a sense of peace that falls into place later this month as the days grow a bit shorter. For some reason, this month pairs particularly well each year with some late nights spent sipping a glass of red wine and listening to jazz as I type away on my computer, read a good book or have a great conversation.

9. Chestnuts. Roasted.

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