what's in my (autumn) bag?

09 October 2012
what's in my (autumn) bag?

Here's what I'm toting around this autumn:

1. The bag: the one pictured above is a close replica of the one I'm carrying around this Fall. Mine was purchased just outside of Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, Thailand from a man making small leather bags. It's a cross body, dark purple, leather bag in the shape shown above.

2. The sunglasses: I'm still loving my oval framed Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses. The frame fits close to the face and they work in overcast skies and bright sunlight.

3. The nail polish: I love, love, love the look of a shiny metallic nail right now. It seems clean, fresh, modern and looks great on short nails like mine.

4. The lipgloss: I know the current trend for autumn lips this year is deep oxblood. But, the sun is still bright in the sky and the temps are still warm in Tbilisi. And, oxblood and bright sunlight just don't seem to be a happy match in my mind. So, I've shelved the darker colors and am still wearing one of my light colored favorite glosses-- MAC Prowear Lipglass in the color Patience, Please. (Plus, isn't that just the best color name ever?!).

5. The magazine: I subscribed to taproot on day one. From the moment I heard what the producers were trying to accomplish, I became a charter subscriber. Taproot is a quarterly magazine celebrating local living through writing, photography, and the arts, both fine and domestic. I'm loving my second issue right now.

6. The music: My ipod seems to be stuck on the album Michigan Left by Arkells, a Canadian band I had the privilege of seeing (and dancing to!) live over the summer holiday.

7. The hand lotion: I love little tubes of hand lotion. Right now, I'm loving one with pure avocado oil infused into it.

8. The flowers: Ok, technically these aren't really jammed into my autumn bag. But, Tbilisi is abloom with autumnal flowers being sold by street vendors. The colors of choice right now seem to be purples, pinks and oranges.

9. The bracelets: You know I have an eight year old daughter. I'm bound to find a handful of these jelly bands jammed into my bag on any given day! (And, I love slipping one onto my wrist too...)

And, check out what was in my bag last winter, spring and summer...


Trista said...

I love these posts that you do! I now have to find myself a great new tube of hand lotion :0)

Edie said...

Its fun to see what is in your bags! I'm going to check out the magazine. Thanks!

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