25 October 2012

When the day comes that I can't walk across the street to the neighborhood Katchupuri stand and pick up a couple of these, I'll be very, very sad.

The big, pillowy puffs of light, flaky, salty dough is filled with a pocket of steam and a thin layer of Georgian cheese. Called Penavani, the treats have quickly become our lunchtime go to since all three kids adore them (see that tiny almost two-year-old hand reaching into my photo?!).

I have yet to try making these on my own (did I mention that the stand is directly across the street?!). So, I'm posting this picture mainly as a personal memory jog for when that day comes that I must unfortunately try out a recipe at home. I'm thinking that perhaps a puff pastry sheet filled with a few crumbles of feta may replicate the treat in a pinch, but, somehow, I don't think that will quite do the Georgian variety of savory pastry justice.


Margaret said...

Those look and sound fantastic!!

Anonymous said...

Those little fingers are too cute!

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