05 August 2012
I was first introduced to G.O.R.P. when I was about eight years old. I was at summer day camp and as campers we were told to bring in a favorite snack item. Kids brought in everything from almonds to chocolate chips and goldfish crackers. Every item went into a massive stainless steel mixing bowl and at various times throughout the day, we'd get to dip a paper dixie cup into the mix and enjoy a snack while singing and hiking throughout the camp grounds.

Today, my kids bristled a bit when I introduced them to G.O.R.P. because they recognized it as 'G-Papa's Famous Snack Pack'. (My father grabs a small sack, throws in a hand full of various dried fruits, candies, nuts and crackers before passing a 'snack pack' to each kid. They LOVE it and insist he invented it.) But, in went tiny marshmallows, almonds, sunflower seeds, chocolate candies and dried cranberries. And, the kids loved the opportunity to grab a snack throughout the day. I'm filing this 'recipe' away for the start of a new school year-- what an easy, perfect snack to have at the ready!

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Jen said...

What a fun snack for summer and back to school! Thanks for the post!

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