05 July 2012

The glorious, prized aloocha. That's the round, golf-ball sized, green fruit you're looking at. Here, in the Republic of Georgia, people devour the local delicacy in all sorts of ways-- fresh off the tree, chopped into salads and chunky relishes, cooked and pureed into a savory sauce to accompany barbequed meats.

Last year, we plucked them from the tree a bit too early for our taste-- resulting in a very tart, hard fruit. This year, we waited a few weeks longer (truthfully, a few locals told me we waited far too long). But, with a few more weeks being kissed by sunlight, the sour aloocha became a sweet golden plum. My husband and I sat outside with juices dripping down our arms, bite after glorious bite. The baby reveled in the giant bowls being harvested, taking single bites of several fruits in a row and feeding the leftovers to our turtles. And, our two older kids ate their fair share fresh off of the tree.

With more aloocha than we could eat, I tried my hand at making a batch of the local pureed sauce. My husband grilled and we paired our barbeque with several local salads, freshly cooked o-shaped bread and the aloocha sauce. Verdict: it's too bad the aloocha isn't available year round.


Steph said...

Those are a beautiful color! Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Cool! I've never heard of or seen an aloocha before!

Definingtabitha said...

I've never heard of this fruit before, but it looks delicious!

Defining Tabitha

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