What's in my (summer) bag?

01 July 2012
What's in my (summer) bag?

The bag: a great big oversized straw number featuring metallic stripes (I love a good stripe!) and dark leather handles. Sylvie Moroccan Bag, Club Monaco

Hat: I live in hats during summer. This is one of my favorite styles because it can be worn equally well while indoors having a cup of coffee or outdoors at the pool (or running to and from the grocery store, a play date, through the airport dashing for a connection). Glimmer Fedora, Loft

Sunglasses: Those who know me well understand that they must tell me when the sun has set (because I'll still be wearing my sunglasses). Bombshell Cat Eye Sunglasses, Urban Outfitters

Silly String: Because a moment of humor is always appreciated when you're toting three young kids around!

Water Bottle: I was sold on this one when I read the style name: Zombie Love, zazzie.com

Scarf: When I was living in Bangkok, I learned quickly how horrid going from the outdoor humidity and into the intense air conditioning can be. I made the transition easier by wrapping a scarf around my neck upon entering any shop that felt like an ice chest. East Vertical Ombre Scarf, John Lewis

Eyeliner: This looks like a felt tip pen and draws on a beautiful shade that's just a tiny bit softer than black... and it's waterproof, budge proof and my favorite year round. Eyeliner Pen in midnight, e.l.f cosmetics

Lip and cheek tint: This highly concentrated color is intended to be a lip tint and was a gift from my mom. She bought it as a perfect red lipstick to add to my collection. It's a strong, clean shade of cherry and I love to dab it on my cheeks as a cream blush. Lip tint in a million kisses, Lush cosmetics

Bracelet: This bracelet is my definition of a great summer piece. You could get it wet, sandy and then wash it clean. I'm wearing one similar around the clock this season. Wild natural turquoise and leather, seasonsonline.co.uk

Kindle Cover: A PERFECT cover that holds my kindle tight and allows a specially designed, slim fitting reading light to be inserted into the case. Hot Pink with orange elastic, M-Edge

e-books: I've loaded my kindle with two new reads: Divergent by Veronica Roth and Paris, I love you but you're bringing me down by Rosecrans Baldwin. Plus, I'm revisiting one of my favorite classic tales-- Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Sunscreen: I love mineral sunscreens and here's one where I can pronounce (and recognize) every item on the ingredients list! I love that. Kid's SPF 30, Elemental Herbs

Snacks: Reusable fabric snack bags are on heavy rotation in our house. I like the preppy print on this one. Whales on pink, Itzy Ritzy

Camera: I'm looking for a new one right now since mine is just about dead. I've loved my Sony, but this retro looking Nikon has caught my eye.

iPod: These two albums are still on heavy rotation-- The Lumineers and the Into the Wild soundtrack. Plus, I've added The Decemberists We All Raise Our Voices Into the Air, a new album featuring all live tracks.

Plus, at any given moment, I probably have a few lip glosses, a random receipt, a Star Wars squinky figurine, a couple of mismatched hair clips, wet wipes and/or a few loose o-shaped cereal pieces rolling around. This post is linked at Chasing Davies. Take a visit to see what other bloggers are carrying around this season!

And, if you want to revisit my other 2012 bags, here is a peek inside my winter and spring.


Cherie said...

This is a great list!! I was thinking about reading Divergent too. Have you started it? Is it good so far?

Sue said...

Wow! I think I should just use your post to make a shopping list. Great suggestions. I just carry around the old cheerios and wet wipes ;-)

Sheryl said...

This post is so much fun! Let us peek in your bag more often!

Megan said...

Thank you so much for linking up with me for my 1st link up! I love it all - silly string might be my fav, most unexpected! :)

Meggy from Chasing Davies

Shelby from anewbohemia.com said...

@Meggy: I wouldn't miss the link up-- thanks for having me! I love looking in other people's bags....

Jeanene said...

I love the zombie water bottle. I. MUST. HAVE. MY. OWN. (said in a zombie voice!)

Trina said...

I love the silly string idea! That's my favorite and I'm going to copy you and add it to my beach bag!

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