pinning and projecting.

07 June 2012
What a couple of weeks it has been. I've been running around-- finishing up bits and bobs of projects here, there and everywhere. My daughter's school year has ended. My son's school year has ended. And, all of the projects and parties that go with this time of year are now recent, wonderful memories.

We've been settling into summer and enjoying the change of pace. See that picture above? Yeah, that's me with extra time. (Yay for extra time!). Pinterest is the Internet darling for most people I know, but for me it has become a bit of a nagging to do list. I don't understand how friends can pin and just walk away. I seriously pin a project/design/idea and it becomes a tangible to-do on my list of things I want to make/do/accomplish. And, with absolutely no time to spend taking on another creative project, it's all been driving me a bit crazy (... and yet I still pin!). So, when the opportunity presented itself today to begin one of my pinned projects, I grabbed a pile of fabric and began cutting with a vengeance. Before long, my daughter was in on the action, the baby was scribbling little messages alongside us and my son began to request I cut light sabers out of the stack of felt. I'll leave the project a mystery for now, with a promise to show you more once I'm a bit deeper into it.

Happy start to the summer and may you have lovely, relaxing (aka time to do all the creative things you've pinned) days ahead!


B said...

I, too, am finally finding a chink in the schedule when I will be able to work on some projects .... some computer printing on fabric for pillows and grand kiddos, a purse or two, and maybe finish a painting that has been giving me the " I'm unfinished" eye for ages.

Enjoy your time as much as I expect to be.


Keri said...

I follow you on pinterest! I love your color inspiration boards!

Amy said...

I follow you too! I'm excited to see what you are making. I'm hoping it is from your little bohemians board!

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