ice lollies. old school.

28 June 2012

There's an old school summer theme going on here. We've water ballooned, made limeade, and hung out (almost) barefoot.

And, now... popsicles the way they were intended to be created. I've seen recipes for every gourmet flavor under the sun this season and for some reason, those recipes make me want to run screaming for the simple ice lollies of my youth. Maybe it's that Don't tell me you've given up on making "simple, plain, liquid dripping down your arm popsicles in the heat of a summer day, slurp them up and turn your tongue red" type of popsicles?!

For more popsicle fun, find out what flavor popsicle you are (I'm cherry fyi...), take a look at kinetic art,   or find out how an 11-year-old is credited with inventing the popsicle.

(Forget how to make a popsicle? Pour your favorite juice or soda into a paper or plastic cup and add a stick. Freeze, adjusting the stick to upright halfway through the freezing process. Remove the cup, head outdoors and slurp.)


Anonymous said...

I am relieved to finally know that you are a cherry popsicle. I've often wondered. -K ;)

Stevie said...

I'm also tired of the gourmet ice cream desserts floating around the blogosphere. Thanks for the reminder that back to basics is better! May I never see another salted carmel chocolate cream freeze on a stick again! I love your blog!

Nomadic Samuel said...

Oh, those look so delicious! It brings back childhood memories :)

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