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17 June 2012
Let's get right to it. Here are a few things I can't stop thinking about right this very minute.

1. Saltwater Sandals. I walked into a party wearing my new gold pair and a friend immediately exclaimed, "Saltwater Sandals!" We smiled and chatted about how much we remember wearing them as kids. I say there's absolutely no reason the fun has to stop just because you're not a kid any longer. I bought mine here and ABSOLUTELY love them. My daughter loves her new lime green ones and my son has his eye on a pair of navy blue. The baby is striding around in his sun sand shark's version. We're obsessed.

2. See that Glimmered Ankita Dress? I'm obsessed as it's my vision of a perfect summer dress-- a floaty, loose, breezy piece of perfection. And, the tassels! And, the turquoise and the coral together. Obsessed.

3. Who knew Mountain Dew was actually good for something?! I'm terrified to think that if you mix 1/4 of a bottle, with a bit of baking soda and three cap fulls of hydrogen peroxide it will actually become a glow stick (but didn't we always kind of wonder what that color actually was?!). I am SO trying this and letting my kids hang out with a bottle of glowing Mountain Dew on a hot summer evening in our backyard. Too cool to not be obsessed.

4. A raised screen for the garden for growing cucumbers and then providing shade for tender lettuce beneath! How insanely clever is this?! I love this idea. Now if I could just find such a screen in Tbilisi and get the hard as a rock earth overturned in a new spot in our back garden and if I wasn't heading out on a long holiday soon..... I'm filing this idea away for next year. Truly brilliant and once again, I'm obsessed.


Cee Cee said...

Mountain Dew can turn into a glow stick?!!!!! SHUT-UP!

Sierra said...

I am browsing for saltwater sandals right now! Where did you buy yours?

Jen said...

I want saltwater sandals too! Where can I get women's sizes? What color did you get?

Angela said...

This reminds me of your favorite things in Bangkok posts you did on Loving Rice! Those were my favorite! I've been reading your blogs for about three years and love your writing and all the things you post about. I like that you write about being an expat. But make it seem very normal to those of us who don't live that way. Can you do a FAQ page or post about expat living? I'd love to hear more about what it is like to live like that. I'd love to meet your kids when they are adults and hear about their memories. What a cool life! I think lots of saltwater sandals are sold this week thanks to you! Have a great day and I hope to see more posts about your obsessions/favorites!

Sue said...

I'm just getting ready to plant another round of lettuce and saw this screen idea. Thanks for passing it along! I'm going to give it a try!

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