barefoot sandals.

23 June 2012

Today the sun is shining and the heat is radiating off the pavement. And, all I want to do is run through our back garden with flowers in my hair, splash with the kids in the water, sip a nice long tall ice tea and wear sparkly barefoot sandals. So, kick off your shoes, sit in the grass and make yourself a pair of barefoot sandals too. Come three o'clock as you're sipping your ice tea and your feet sparkle in the sunlight, you'll smile.


  •  three pieces of jute, twine, leather or yarn
  • embellishments (raid your craft kit for beads, flowers and assorted bobbles)
  • a bell (a must!)
How to:
  • Place the jute/twine/leather/yarn around your big toe and pull it to a length that will climb the front of your foot and wrap once around your ankle. (Your toe will be resting on the middle point of the string.) Give a bit of extra length and cut. 
  • Still with your toe on the middle point of the string, tie a loop so that when removed, your big toe goes through the loop (you're creating a toe ring). Knot it.
  • Now, with your toe in the ring, begin braiding.
  • As you braid, work your embellishments into the braid. Braid in a flower, string on a bead, etc.*
  • Continue braiding (and working in your embellishments-- don't forget the bell!) until you've reached the end of your cut string.
  • Then, wrap the sandal up the front of your foot, around your ankle and tie loosely.
  • Run through the grass, drink an ice tea and watch your bare feet sparkle in the sunlight.
*Alternatively, you can sew your embellishments on after you've braided the whole length.

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Anonymous said...

This is so cute!

Sophie said...

I LOVE this! It's so cute!

Jess said...

Great idea! Yours are so pretty!

Stephanie said...

Visiting from Skip to My Lou and was dying when i saw these 'barefoot sandals'! They are so creative and I'm so happy to find your blog. Looking forward to taking a look through the archives. Have a great day!

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