12 May 2012
For those who came before and paved a path for me
with strength and ceaseless energy to hug and lift high overhead and tickle and play,
responsibility to protect ferociously,
with a spirit that giggles because the glass is always half full--
if you tilt your head the right way.
Oh, happy day.

For those looking at generations now above,
and continuing on,
with wisdom that I can only dream to one day gain.
How do you watch as they take flight?
This day. Look at what you've done! You have changed the world.
Oh, happy day.

For those brand new to the game.
I say to you what was said to me on my first day,
And, you will genuinely smile because you get it.
You get this for real. This year, as you realize the enormity of it all.
Oh, happy day.

For those with a growing love,
kicks inside,
waiting for the moment when
those new fingers curl round yours
and you quietly whisper you're mine, i'm yours.
Oh, happy day.

This day is for us
and together we are better than alone.
Because everyone has an opinion of who we should be
and you know what? Silly, belittling, come on. Of course we are mom enough.
We are more so say it together--
Oh! Happy! Day!


Jennifer said...

Beautiful words! Happy Mother's Day to you!

Cyndi said...

Fantastic, Shelby. Fantastic. xx

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day! (Your poem made me tear because it was so touching!)

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