Spring. what I want to wear.

13 April 2012

In my area of the world the sun is shining a bit more often, but the temperatures still require a bit of bundling. So while I continue to hide my dry winter skin under basic black layers and snuggle under a slouchy knit hat, I can't help but to let my mind wander to some bright, colorful bursts of spring fashion. Here's what I'm looking forward to:

  1. I love this red hair so much. My strawberry blond might need to make its way to deeper shades eventually. Knowing me, I'll stare at this picture all season and eventually just go blonder!
  2. Stacked dainty rings.
  3. I love a citrus punch on the foot. To avoid looking too hippy chic, I'd pair these (from heels.com) with a sharp pedicure in the bright purple polish in the bottom right. 
  4. Jeans, wedges, a ruffly crisp white blouse and a romantic key necklace to lay atop your heart. (featured on Polyvore)
  5. Saddle shoes- absolutely cute with everything. (from LL Bean)
  6. A fantastic bright green trench with 3/4 sleeves. (from Old Navy)
  7. A sour lemon gauzy scarf. (from tobi)
  8. A simple gold toned heart pendant to wear daily. (from designer Beth Coller, Of Matter)
  9. I love the color, the simple shape and the graphic pattern creeping from the hem of this mod tunic dress. (from anthropologie)
  10. A color-blocked hemline topped with white denim. (from Old Navy) After seeing this dress, I'm toying with the idea of DIYing a color blocked hem on a sundress I already own.
  11. This cuff is an incredible work of art. Incredible. (from Doloris Petunia by Courtney Prince)
  12. Again with the deep red hair! But, seriously, that feather headdress is so pretty.
  13. A perfect pink lipstick. One that looks like your lips--only better. (color: Coral Reef by Sleek)
  14. That messy knot looks easy, effortless and would keep my hair from being whipped to death in this Eastern European, early Spring wind.
  15. Chevron stripes? Yellow, black and white? A really flattering cut? A perfect all occasion dress in my book. (from Dorothy Perkins)
  16. That purple polish. I know pastels are supposedly the thing right now, but I think this shade of purple looks great on everyone in Spring's light. (color: Dream On by Sinful Colors)
*And, by the way, these are a few personal favorites I wanted to share (i.e. none of these businesses are paying me to display their products!). Find more of the Spring styles I love here.


Cheri said...

Go bright red (and show us pics!).

Pat said...

I remember when you pinned the green trench! I pinned it and bought it and love it! Thanks for finding it!

Kris said...

I love the bracelet! This is a great list of pretty spring things!

Dawn said...

I love the bracelet too! Go red!

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