out of hibernation.

09 April 2012
Spring of 2008. That was the last true Spring my family remembers. Since that year, we've spent every subsequent year in the tropics. In fact, my oldest son was still one during our last true Spring and he has no memory of what the season 'feels' like.

And now, in our Tbilisi home, my son is experiencing a rebirth of sorts. He's completely enamored by the opening of April, reporting daily after preschool about the butterflies he saw, the buds dotting the shrubs, the cucumber seeds he and his friends started. 

His cheeks are flushed with a healthy rosy pink and a 'little boy in the wilderness' scent clings to him these days-- a mix of fresh air, sweat and sweet grass. He and his sister beg me to let them stay in the back garden 'just a little bit longer' when I call them inside for dinner. It's a welcome change from the months of what was a harsh winter hibernation. 

There's so much to look forward to-- a new veggie garden that is just days away from being installed, a now cleaned pond in the back garden waiting to be stocked with fish, a Spring break holiday just around the corner, longer stretches of sunny outside time, the return of the family road trip to yet unexplored places throughout our host country. 

And, a sure sign that Spring in our Tbilisi yard has arrived? Just today I was standing near our garden door and I heard a familiar rustling of leaves. FINALLY-- one of our turtles has emerged from her winter hibernation. My daughter raced out to greet her after plucking a carrot from our fridge. In a fit of exuberance, the carrot (intended for turtle food) slipped from my daughter's hand and pelted the turtle's shell. How's that for a wake up from a long winter's nap?!


Cheryl said...

I love the way you look at life and capture the moments that are hard to find words for. I understand the "little boy in the wilderness" scent perfectly. Thank you for a great blog. I read it as often as you post and look forward to your new entries.

Anonymous said...

LOVE this post!

Ted said...

A turtle? You have a turtle?! Cool!

Tina said...

Where in the tropics did you live? A year w/o spring would be hard.

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