Ho Hey.

23 April 2012

One of my husband's talents is finding great music. If he wasn't passionate about his already established career path, he would make a pretty amazing talent scout.

We don't always have the same taste. He could listen for hours to screaming rockers whose words are unintelligible. I get a headache. But likewise, I could listen to moody, raspy voiced songwriters for days. He retreats to his headphones certainly thinking 'enough is enough.' But, even with these difference,s we both share a musical library with a lot of overlapping tastes.

When we were sitting in our living room late one recent night. he played his latest discovery for me. Ho Hey by The Lumineers was only the beginning. The whole album is full of springy, upbeat charisma-- the kind of stuff that fits my mood in early Spring-- with just enough raspy, moody singer songwriter-ness thrown in to have me playing it for hours on end.

WARNING: In the spirit of full disclosure, this is an ear worm of a song. I've been singing Ho Hey repeatedly and dare you to not break into the words 'you're my sweetheart' at random moments for the next week after watching the video. In fact, you won't even be able to read the words 'you're my sweetheart' without adding the happily bouncy way sweetheart is sung. I wish you happy ear worming! HO HEY, HO HEY!


Hanlie said...

That is a cool song!

Susan said...

I've never heard of them before! This is a great song.

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