easter cake.

25 April 2012

The week following Orthodox Easter is a celebratory one in Georgia. The scent of lilacs is heavy in the air, the sun is steady and the produce stands start to carry more than cabbage, onions, potatoes (and the fermented versions of each). Every shop with an oven is selling the traditional Georgian Easter cake--which is suspiciously like Italian Panettone, but with far fewer raisins. And by far fewer, I mean that I've tried three different loaves and not a single one has had more than maybe six raisins for the entire loaf.

The warmth expressed towards us from our Georgian neighbors continues to shine brightly. Today, the woman who owns the Katchapuri stand across the street gave us her version of the Easter cake, studded with cardamom, and a huge bouquet of flowers from her yard. Then, the children next door yelled through the fence to invite my son and daughter over to play. They all enjoyed a rousing game of basketball followed by an offer to stay for a dinner party the family was hosting. Much to the dismay of our neighbors, my kids needed to get ready for bed (at a time a Georgian parent would consider ridiculously early).

Happy Spring. Our family seems to have finally made it to the other side of our first winter in Eastern Europe.


Naomi said...

How sweet of your neighbor!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Spring! I love your blog!

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