03 April 2012
The day we met I'm certain the Earth shifted a bit.
A slight tilt of what was once--sliding past, opening new doors.
Turning on its side and righting again in a new unknown direction.

A dream of hallways, 
peacock blue followed by rows of doors. 
Choice. Choose one. Open up to sunlight, speckled by raindrops. 
Standing and listening-- with you.

This path continuing to lay down, 
anew with each step made confidently, together.
You. Of whom I rarely tell here.
For good reason, but greatly deserving me to proclaim.
My love. Forever. Step.


Marcy said...

This is very sweet. Beautiful words!

Julie said...

Oh! Your husband is lucky to have you. This is a wonderful poem.

Nan said...

This is stunning. I have tears in my eyes and I'm not even the recipient of these words. THANK YOU for publicly sharing something clearly personal. Happy Anniversary.

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