word eggs.

29 February 2012

Over the last month, I've shared a few early reading activities that have been at play in our house during the last couple of months (starting with our book nook and then our tiny flashcards). As my preschooler learned his letter sounds, he became ready to focus on word groups. After scanning pinterest, I came across the (amazing, fabulous, insanely fantastic!) idea of word eggs. Together, my son and I recently created some and they are his new favorite 'toy.' He slides them into his coat pockets alongside his prized Star Wars Grievous action figure. We hop in the car and he's word egging and light sabering simultaneously. Here's how we created our word eggs:
  1. Grab a couple plastic Easter Eggs (hint: I found the larger sized, heavier plastic ones to work best since my son could hold them with two hands and spin the parts a bit easier.)
  2. With a p-touch (or a sharpie and some sticky labels) create the last half of your word ending (-ook, -at, -op, -og) and affix the label to the smaller half of the egg, along the seam
  3. Again, using your p-touch (or a sharpie and some sticky labels) create several labels that contain the starting letters of words associated with the desired word group. For example, if the word ending on the egg is -at, I created labels for the words cat, fat, pat, sat, rat, mat.
  4. Affix the single letter labels to the larger half of the egg, along the seam.
  5. To play, instruct your child to use their letter sounds to figure out the “magic” ending sound. Once the child sounds out the last half of the word, show them how to spin the egg and use their letter sounds to learn all of the words on the egg.

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Sonia said...

This is cool! I'll be making these with my daughter. Thanks!

Rebekah said...

I love this idea! (The sparkly eggs will work well for my sparkle obsessed girl!)

Nancy said...

My 6 year old would love these!

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