what's in my (spring) bag?

27 March 2012
what's in my (spring) bag?

The bag: I'm wearing one similar to this. Mine is also a bohemian styled sack, handcrafted by an artisan in Thailand. I bought it at the market and fell in love with it's leather handles, studded with seashells from the coast of Thailand.

The necklace: A double chain, stainless steel finish. I love this look. And, with my baby at that precious(!) age of grabbing at all of my jewelry, this is about all I can wear right now. My chunky necklaces and dangly earrings are in mourning in my jewelry storage baskets. Don't worry, darlings, I'll be back to see you someday hopefully soon.

The peace keepers: Inside these brightly colored matchboxes are teeny tiny puzzles with about 12 pieces total. They are just challenging enough to keep my kids busy for a few minutes while I order a coffee at the cafe or wait for their pain au chocolate to be delivered to our table. Made by Crocodile Creek, they are sadly no longer made. But, search on amazon and you'll still find a few. I've bought almost every design and hold onto them like they are gold.

The umbrella: I love this one from the moma store-- simple on the outside and a beautiful forecast on the inside.

The beanie: It may be spring in Tbilisi, but the weather is still nippy. There's a local phrase that I'm often told referring to March's weather here. I'll keep it to myself since I find it completely demeaning. But, let's just say that the month is known to have it's mood swings. So, this beanie is tucked into my bag and thrown on my head almost daily. (Plus it helps keep wind whipped, snarled hair at bay.)

The scarf: I wear them year round. Right now, I'm loving the stripes of this simple black and white version. Plus, it's super soft.

The mug: I love coffee (surprise!) and I love to doodle (surprise again!). So, this cup is one of my favorites. The Doodle It cup from Starbucks.com is pure genius. Remove the plastic outer layer (it just screws off) and doodle with a dry erase on the stainless steel tumbler. Replace the outer layer and you've got a portable white board for all of your lists, doodles and special messages from your kids.

The flowers: I'm picking up little tiny bouquets anywhere I can find them. Vendors are starting to emerge after a snowy winter and it's a refreshing sign of life to carry home from my outings about town.

And, of course, I'm still carrying around the essentials mentioned in my winter bag post-- wallet, phone, baby sling, etc.....

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