cautionary wind.

03 March 2012
The wind blows you further
and the steps fall out of place, just as
the tiniest of green ebbs into the world
lit today with glorious bursts of light.

It will be alright, whispers the wind
as it swirls in a pattern you've only known here.
For here the wind is not as it has seemed elsewhere.
One moment whispering, the next promising hopeful change
until it bites deeply beneath the down.
A mystery still. How one entity can change so rapidly before your very self?

But doubt is powerful and the walk tilts slightly forward
as if to say, pace yourself or else you may tumble too far.
Together, change on the horizon.
Lit gloriously and yet with a cautionary bite.


Mel said...

Thank you for posting a new poem. I enjoy reading them and you've inspired me to put my feelings into my own poetry.

Charlotte said...

I'm glad you wrote another poem since it has been some time since your last. This one was a bit creepy (but I still liked it!). I look forward to reading more.

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