sometimes you feel like a whippet.

26 January 2012
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Today, I feel like a whippet. As in the spindly little dogs that shake uncontrollably no matter the weather they are subjected to. (side note: If you own a shaking dog, please get it an uber stylish sweater and a few paw warmers STAT.)

 It's cold here in the Republic of Georgia and I'm bitter that the thermometer doesn't accurately represent the actual 'feeling' of coldness. It's only just at freezing today, but the cold is bone chilling-- even without wind. Our home, typical to others in the city, is constructed of solid cement walls and even with the old water heated thermostats clicking I can't quite erase the eerie chill off of my body. I'm wrapped in several layers, including these (ridiculous looking) down slippers that force me to waddle around as if I'm wearing pillows on my feet. And, I've got a scarf that would easily wrap the length of a giraffe's neck if I was so endowed-- instead I'm swallowed up to my nose.

We've had a couple days of snow already this week and are looking ahead to more 'big' snow (as it's referred to here) as our week comes to a close. A friend looked at me quizzically a few days back as I was shaking in the weather and said, “Well, haven't you heard? You're supposed to go home in the afternoon and mix a stiff drink. It will chase the chill right off of you!” I don't think she intended that sentence to end with an exclamation mark and I am now beginning to understand why. I hope the doppio espresso I'm about to make will be stiff enough.


McKinze said...

Yeah...winter is pretty rough here. Cement isn't the best insulator! I told myself that I will never take central heat and hot water for granted. Never!

I recommend those homemade wool socks that the bebias sell on the street (usually about 5 GEL). I wear those over my regular socks, and then have slippers (I've become Georgian, I love my chustebi!) and they do a pretty good job. Good luck!

Hanlie said...

from one extreme to the other...
Today feels in Bangkok, it feels like I am sitting in an oven...not pleasant!
Hope you can warm up some, extreme cold is really unpleasant!

Anonymous said...

ONLY YOU would think to illustrate cold weather with a whippet! I love it and am laughing hard! -R

Kari Sherrodd said...

BRRRRRRRR. It took me days to unthaw.

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