shine on.

29 January 2012

Some say winter is drab and dull. I say, it's the perfect time to look like freshly fallen snow and shine on (even if you're a bit chilled!).

What perks up a freezing cold blustery winter morning better than a bit of glitter? Glittered toe nails accompanied a weekend of sitting on our home's art studio floor and cutting out tiny snowflakes. Those too got dipped in glitter. And, as I write this, the little sparkling flakes are strung up with filament hanging from the studio's window dressing up an otherwise bleak winter view.

During the whole process, the baby crawled underfoot and is still looking very much like a disco ball. My daughter managed to stir up a minor tornado of the fine glitter and it seems to have settled into the black and white polka dotted rug with little thought of ever moving elsewhere (even after three runs of the vacuum cleaner). And, my son's perpetual blowing on the dangling snowflakes pretty much guarantees that the sparkle will be with us until the winter season's eventual thaw.

I say, Shine On!

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Seannie said...

Shine girl! I'm going to make some of those snowflakes too!

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