January 7 = Christmas Day.

06 January 2012

I always love to stretch a celebration out. But, this year, I have calendar-backed reasons to. Our family travelled to the States and celebrated Christmas in December. We've since returned to our home in the Republic of Georgia where we are waking up* on Christmas morning. Yup. I get a Christmas re-do or extension or... however you want to think of it. Kind of cool. Georgia operates on the Georgian Orthodox calendar placing New Year's before Christmas. Merry Christmas! May the day be merry and bright.

Above provides a tiny glimpse of our 'first' Christmas celebration-- 1. stockings were hung, 2. the best Christmas cookie ever from Larsens Danish Bakery in Seattle, 3. my mom's Norwegian krumkake, 3. saving pine needles from our 2011 tree.

*It's 2:02 a.m. as I write this. For those wondering, yes, jet lag is still kicking.


Naomi said...

That santa cookie is adorable!!

Shelby from anewbohemia.com said...

@Naomi And it tastes even better!

Brianna said...

Merry Christmas (again!).

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