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26 January 2012

Seriously. Enough is enough. Our family has been caught in a wave of illness over the course of the last six weeks that looks a bit like this.

Tide one: minor sniffling colds, brought on by air travel.
Tide two: minor colds turn to crazy stuffed congested heads, brought on by jet lag.
Tide three: Everyone, pretty much simultaneously, wakes up in the middle of the night for several nights with the flu (enough said).
Tide four: A few days of feeling like you've been kicked in the stomach, as a result of previously mentioned tide three.
Tide five: Husband bed-bound for over a week with a pounding, vice gripping, 'please have mercy' headache.
Tide six: I'm taken down with the vice grip headache that miraculously lasts one short day.
Tide seven: Back on the plane and back to colds.
Tide eight: Coughing that will not cease, day and night.
Tide nine: Coughing continues to roll on and on as jet lag comes and goes once again.

And, now it seems that, perhaps... if I'm feeling optimistic... I can say that the tides are turning. And, at some point during our tidal wave of illness, the inevitable happened. The emails and suggestions of an old family recipe started to drift in. I laugh and present this information with a wink and a smile as I think of my family. When someone is struck with a cough or a sore throat, the suggestion to reach for the recipe pictured above comes up as if we would have, could have, forgotten about it. “Oh! Take a tiny bit of whisky, add it to a small amount of boiling water, add a generous spoonful of honey and a squeeze of lemon!”*

*For those wondering, it doesn't work to cure your illness. But, it does provide a nice distraction from how miserable you already feel.


Naomi said...

Sounds like a hot toddy. Yum :9

Susan said...

Sounds like a good way to get rid of a cold to me!

Beth said...

LOL! We have that same "old family recipe"!!!! Great post! Made me laugh.

Ken Benny said...

The only thing you erred on the recipe my dear daughter is the "tiny bit" part on the whiskey.

Kari Sherrodd said...

It works! You can also sub Russian vodka for whiskey.

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