dear pillow.

05 January 2012

Dear pillow,

I have always taken you for granted but, in this new year, I vow to never do that again. I will forever treasure the softness and calmness you provide for me at the end of a very long day. 

I've been back in Eastern Europe for one full day now after a Christmas season spent stateside. I've spent a good majority of that day watching my one year old as if he was a ticking time bomb. His eyes drooped and I swept him off his feet, racing to bed, hoping to catch a bit of shut eye too. At one point, dear pillow, we couldn't take the crushing exhaustion any longer and you held three heads today-- my daughter's, my baby's and mine. My son fell asleep watching Batman, while wearing his new Captain America mask and his Superman jammies, mid-day on the family room couch. 

And, dear pillow, as you know, it is now 3:29 a.m. in the morning. I have spent the last three hours and 12 minutes eating cold pizza, watching some weird alien cartoon dubbed in Russian and attempting to get the baby to walk. My three kids and I are jet lagged. (And, between you and me, dear pillow, we both know that I'd be sleeping deeply if it weren't for being woken by a baby giggling and poking me repeatedly in the eye. That's when this whole middle of the night party started.)

So, please know that I'll never take you for granted again. I hope to see you very soon, dear pillow.

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Anonymous said...

Jet lag in your house sounds like fun! I'm a grouch when my kids wake me up on a normal day. Hope you get some sleep soon! -K

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