what's in my (winter) bag?

11 January 2012
what's in my (winter) bag?

The bag: I'm rotating among three different black leather bags this season-- one similar to the picture above, a cross body messenger style and a classic gold chain tote.

The lipstick: MAC lipglass in Russian Red. I'm hooked on red again.

The notebook and pen: I love my classic moleskine in bright red. It's perfect for jotting notes, sketching ideas and doodles, writing reminders and handing over to the kids when at the cafe during a hot cocoa run!

The gum: Mentos sugarfree ice cube gum. I love this stuff and chomp on it when confronted with Tbilisi's crazy drivers. I pretty much only chew it while driving--- it keeps me calm as cars careen around me in every which crazy direction.

The baby sling: I have four and one goes everywhere with me. I'm not sure the baby and I could survive without it.

The sunglasses: It's winter and these keep the bitter cold Eastern European wind from whipping my eyes to death. I'm still hooked on big, big, bigger roundish ones.

The map: A tiny booklet type of map showing a somewhat accurate display of the city's rustic and ever changing streets.

The scarf: A heavy wool scarf in a bright color. Winter is bitterly cold and snowy here. This takes the chill off a bit... both physically and as a bright cheery pick-me-up!

And, of course, I'm toting the all-season essentials-- a wallet with some Georgian Lari, a phone, clothe diapers and related accessories and keys.

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