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02 December 2011

Happy Friday! I love to mark the start of the weekend with the kids as soon as I pick them up from school. For years, my daughter and I have had a tradition of me drawing her a tiny little 'happy friday' picture. My son and I recently started drawing a small heart on each other's hand to celebrate the end of the weekdays. But, the holidays call for something grand. So, when Friday rolls around, I've been filling a thermos with hot cocoa and packing a can of whipped cream, a shaker of Christmas sprinkles, and the kids' travel mugs for the school pick up.

After walking out of school, we return to our parked car, open up the lift back and are greeted by the hot cocoa picnic I set out. Friday smiles all around.

(...and here's the perfect hot cocoa recipe to fill that thermos! Enjoy!)

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Forty Pound Sack said...

How sweet is that! I love the idea of celebrating Fridays. It's the little things that make special memories ~

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