09 November 2011

I swear I'll be done with 'fruit from our garden' posts soon. Eventually, I fear, you'll be hearing only of cabbage and potatoes. I'm not feeling overly confident in my ability to make it through the winter without absolutely freaking out about the predicted produce situation (i.e. grim, very grim, I hear!). 

Even though our last two days have been marked by the city's first snowfall and I needed to debut my (faux) fur hat or risk turning into a human icicle, these gorgeous pomegranates continue to make the tree in our yard look as if it's decorated for Christmas. The big globes are tricky to pull off and some of the skins have already split.The ones we're able to snap off the branches are starting to burst with gorgeous red seeds. I've started throwing them into salads and mixing them into cereal.

But, perhaps the biggest consumer in our house is the baby. He can pop them faster than I ever imagined humanly possible (and grins from ear to ear while doing so). Although, the red fingers following his meal aren't exactly flattering on a baby!

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Sue said...

What a beautiful photograph! I can't even imagine what it would be like to have a pomegranate tree! I've never even eaten one before :-)

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