autumn gnomes.

01 October 2011
My kids piled on the bed, closed their eyes and listened.

"Out in the gardens of Tbilisi, tiny people known as the Autumn Gnomes are busy working-- right this very minute. The gnomes get to rest for most of the year, but not right now as they have an important job to do! You see, Autumn Gnomes are the keepers of the roots. Without strong roots that reach deep down into the earth, our trees can not weather the winter storms. I know, we can't see the trees roots. But, the roots are there-- weaving deep under the ground of our garden. And, our little garden gnomes are busy creating tiny tunnels through the earth so that they may check on all of the roots. They make sure the trees get their water and and are encouraging them to grow stronger and longer and deeper so that they may survive the cold winter ahead.

But an Autumn Gnome's work is not done once the roots are checked. Then, even though they are very tired, they help the squirrels and birds and other garden animals collect seeds and nuts to store so that they may have enough food for the months ahead.

It's Autumn-- a wonderful, magical season!-- and our garden gnomes are working hard I'm certain. But, there is one problem that I need you to help me with. Today, I went into our garden to see if I could spot a gnome. And, it seemed awfully quiet out there. So, I happened to find these boxes with your names on them. Why don't you open them up and see if, perhaps, you could add a few friends to the garden and encourage some more gnomes to join in the work?"

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Robin said...

This is so cute. Your kids are so lucky!

Meeghan said...

I want to come play at your house! Its full of fun ideas!

Anonymous said...


Sophie said...

I love this idea!

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