treasures i save.

01 September 2011

I was looking through a shoe box that I labeled 'treasure' and had nestled inside one of our packing boxes. Inside, I found all of the things that I had saved, loved and ultimately just didn't know what to do with. I dug out a small muslin drawstring bag and after looking at its contents I smiled broader and then... laughed. Inside were 10 treasures from my childhood: three Annie dolls (Ms. Hannigan, Molly and Annie), a change of outfits for Annie (apparently, Molly is forever subjected to her orphan ensemble and Ms. Hannigan will live on in her purple peplum dress), a Blueberry Muffin figurine*, a bread bag tag, a dime and three Lego pieces. Things that I, at roughly eight years of age, for some reason, felt compelled to save.  Things that I have dragged around the globe with me from my childhood home. Things that at one point in my life I deemed important enough to cluster together, pack away and mark as 'treasure'. Watching my own kids collect odd little bits and bobs, I was reminded that I was once there too. And, truth be told, I think I rather like these little bags of odd bits and bobs. They still make me happy.

*Fake blueberry scent (scarily) still fully intact.

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Casey said...

ANNIE! I liked your blog before, but now I LOVE it!!!

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