a list: triumphs.

05 September 2011

1. After months of searching, I have located yeast at the market. Let's just say it was a hard earned prize (pantomiming 'yeast' to a group of non-English speakers stretched my communication skills into the ridiculous). This means that the baby will get some bread sticks, my older kids will get their homemade pizza back and I'll be kneading bread in the very near future.

2. I'm down to three small boxes left to unpack. Triumph.

3. My son starts his school tomorrow. His nerves are low, the mood is happy. So far, so good. He requested that a 'Green Lantern' symbol be written on a piece of paper and tucked inside his pocket "just in case I miss mama."*

4. After living in Thailand, red and yellow will most likely remain forever in my brain as political colors. But, I can now wear them freely without considering if I'll be making an inappropriate statement. I bought a red shirt today and it felt good.

5. I have located all of my blank canvases and the artwork that has been rolling around in my brain can possibly begin to see the light of day.

6. Sweet, juicy, beautiful cherry tomatoes have made their way (finally) to our neighborhood produce market. My daughter is taking bag fulls for her school snacks, my son is popping them with reckless abandon, the baby is devouring them while squirting their juicy insides in every which direction...

*In case you're wondering, I'm not exactly sure what the specific connection between me and the Green Lantern is. When I asked, I got a "Maaamaaaa, you knooooowwww." So I didn't press the question.

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