a partial list.

19 August 2011
Today I...

1. Discovered our local post office. It looks like something out of a soviet-era, black and white, scratched, silent film. Unmarked on the outside and behind a pair of wooden, poster peeling doors, sits a smoky box of a room lit by a single light bulb. Plaster peels off of the walls and a dark walnut counter looms high. A wall of approximately 10 large cubes holds a few envelopes and a small brown wrapped parcel. Two woman stand on either side of an imposing, muscled man. I walk forward, smile (which isn't returned) and hand over the small white slip of paper that sat wedged into my front door a few hours earlier. In return I get a beautiful, rose colored envelope marked USA. Seriously, mail call here may be even more exciting than it was during that long freshman year of college.

2. Lit a jasmine incense cone for the first time since leaving Thailand and was immediately transported back to a colorful, tropical time. The dusty heavy scent of incense will forever be a favorite since living in Southeast Asia. It makes me smile and take note of my surroundings.

3. Spent a ridiculous amount of time staring at nail polish colors, trying to determine what shade to paint my toes. They are still bare.

4. Started thinking about back-to-school. My daughter begins next Thursday and I have the usual mixed emotions-- excitement for her new beginning, sadness to lose her company during the days, and a strong desire to just run for the hills so I don't have to deal with the always painful first day of school drop-off. I say that and then tell myself, "oh, but maybe this year will be easier..." Sigh.

5. Drove up a cobble stoned hill at record speed (in order to keep up with the crazy drivers around me and avoid being plowed over). The baby opened his mouth and loudly joined in the 'ahhhhhhhh--ooooggghhhh-eeeeggghhh' that always accompanies a trip over cobblestones.

4. Made Georgian candy with my kids. It's 'wow.' (Recipe coming in my next post...)

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