I will.

15 August 2011
I will survive
blares out over the stereo system
at the American burger place.
My kids laugh and share their tiny toys of plastic.
I knew this place was bad news.

I will survive repeats
and I stare glassy eyed, tired,
not ever wanting to see another box.
In my lifetime. Ever again.
For 174 were enough to last forever.

The boxes almost gone,
kids still laughing and at ease.
My mind drifts back to the song played a month ago.
I love. I am.
I will survive.


Anonymous said...

ROTFLOL! I love your humor Shelby! -n

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I think you'll see more boxes in your future!

Elizabeth said...

I know that 'golden' burger place! Justifiable though because its the only burger place in town! Hope to meet you soon. :}

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