floating eggs.

10 August 2011
Oh the joys of living somewhere completely different! Steady refrigeration can be a problem in this area of the world-- which leads to a concern for our food's safety. We're developing, thanks to some good tips, a few changes to our regular food prep routines. I actually never thought to check the freshness of eggs from the grocery store. I just read the little stamped date, looked for cracks, put them in the fridge egg tray and thought I was done. Not here. We bring the eggs, stamped in Georgian letters, home and draw them a bath of cool water. All the eggs go into the water and anything that floats is discarded immediately. Then, anything with a crack is discarded next. Whatever is left after that process gets well washed, dried and inserted into the previously mentioned egg tray in the fridge. After all is said and done, about 1/4 of each egg purchase is discarded. Good reason to give the eggs a bath. (Oh, hey, I almost forgot: tomorrow, I have a really cool egg trick/tool... see you then.)

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I didn't know to check eggs for freshness. I guess I thought if they are at the grocery store then they were fresh! I feel kind of dumb!

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